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Hello I am Pradip and I am 50% ortho handicap from my left leg also I am profoundly deaf. My father is a farmer, my mother is a house wife and my brother is doing his education. I am the only deaf in my family, completed my higher education at PROGRESSIVE LIFE CENTER. I joined this organization in May 2021. PLC has changed my life completely, they helped me to improve my sign language skills, gave me best quality education, enhanced life skills, personality development.


Hello, I am Sandeep I am 20 years old and I have a locomotor disability I am the only disabled member in my family, we are a family of 5 people my father is a farmer my mother is a housewife, I have 2 younger brothers pursuing high school. I am the eldest son in the family and have some responsibility but because of my disability I couldn't do much.

Seeing my family face a lot of problems financial crisis I use to feel bad I started applying for jobs after completing my 12th board exams but no companies were ready to hire me because of my disability.

Then I did some online research and I came across to PROGRESSIVE LIFE CENTER PANKH RETAIL TRAINING I joined PLC PANKH retail training of one month on 29/05/21 till 2/07/21  PLC PANKH training has changed my life completely they helped me to improve language skills, taught me basic English, trained me in a retail program, enhanced life skills, personality development.

Now I feel more confident and I got hired at UNITED SPIRITS LTD chikalthana MIDC Aurangabad as a visual inspect helper. I earn 13,202 every month now and my family is a little strong financially All thanks to PLC PANKH retail training program.

Sharadh Manohar Pawar

A 10th passed who now is happily employed by BADVE ENGINEERING LTD in Aurangabad Maharashtra, Sharadh’s story could easily have been one of a thousand similar stories where disabled individual struggles to find meaningful employment and make ends meet. Sharadh is disabled by his left leg, his father works as a laborer and his mother is a housewife he has one elder sister who is married and a younger brother pursuing his education.

Not willing to resign himself to his fate, he continued to persevere, not letting his lack of mobility hinder his desire to make something of himself as he reached employable age. Despite simple activities that able-bodied people take for granted, climbing stairs, getting on and off a bus, and so on, being a real challenge, his initial attempts at finding employment did not end up in anything long-term.

That was when he approached PROGRESSIVE LIFE CENTER PANKH RETAIL TRAINING he joined PLC PANKH retail training program for 3 months from 29/5/2021 till 2/7/2021 who placed him in the Livelihood Training Program and provided him with the means to overcome his disability. Today, Sharadh feels more confident and is happily employed by, BADVE ENGINEERING LTD, as a visual inspector. and is proof that with adequate opportunities and training, any disabled individual can rise far above their circumstances. All thanks to PLC PANKH retail training program.

Sonu Dhawalanpure

My name is Sonu Dhawalanpure and I am a deaf women leader at PLC. I am profoundly deaf, which means I’ve got no hearing in both ears whatsoever. I am the only deaf in my family and so my parents, were just so worried and unsure about what to do with me being deaf!

After a little research and a few contacts, they found a missionary boarding school for me.

After completing high school I was back home and didn’t know what to do after but then somehow my parents managed to get in contact with a Progressive life center

I joined this organization in November 2016 I completed my future studies here at PLC.This organization gave me the best possible start with my education and development. I grew in confidence as I knew I wasn’t alone. This place that I hold very close to my heart I will be forever grateful for all of the support I have had. It has made me who I am today.”

PLC empowers the deaf community in India to lead sustainable and self-reliant lives through customized training and employment.



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