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My name is Walter Scheu. Small, Micro Mini  farmer in Ulah, North Carolina, USA.

When I am not online with Internet Marketing, I am raising chickens, for egg production. YEP, We Grow eggs.I write or try to write, like I know you. What I share in the attempt at an eBook, is plain and truthfull information and help.

If someone buys(invests in their business) then asks and gets a refund, when offered. Then keeps the product and uses it. That is stealing. I first started in Internet Marketing in 2006. I had been in a pretty bad car wreck. I was laid up at home. Oh, I was also out of work. Oh, I was out of bill paying money. Oh, I had never, bought and sold an item on eBay, or anywhere else. Well we did trade at livestock sales.

 I started buying Meat Grinders on eBay for farm use. 
I saw that some of the sellers, had several of the same meat grinders on sale, at the same time. So I said to my self “Self, wonder where they get them? Wonder can I do that ?” Eventually, after doing a lot of research I found a manufacturer who would ship them to me Tweleve months later, I went to an import/export firm in Charlette, NC, USA and picked up my 1st, EVER Meat Grinder Order, From China.

I doubled the selling price, added in all expenses. Sold out my 1st order and bought twice as  many, sold them also As I was importing and selling on eBay, James J. Jones, contacted me in 2007, and I end up writing an e-book 

“Quick Start Course to Importing”

“Importing from India” and .
”How to Make $100 a Day”.

Needless to say, I found out I had gotten into
Internet Marketing thru the back door. By writing
e-books, about products. Most people did/do not write an eBook, until after having been in for
several years. 

So, I honestly share with you. I was a lousy IM’er. The job I had, saved me financially. I had to work, I was not able to retire. Selling on internet took a backseat. 

PLEASE, understand this:

Your age has nothing to do with your retiring. Your cash in the Bank says when or if you can retire.

Fast forward, to 2018. I came out of retirement and jumped right back into the Internet Marketing water..
This time I watched, listed, and tried to learn. I failed and failed, over and
over again. I knew a great internet marketer, who eventually got tired of me asking questions and just shared that I needed to get into his coaching program. He started advising and correcting me. Yep, I was and am still, being taught, by a BIG DOG.
A mild mannered, unassuming Big Dog. Who just quietly went about making the amount of money, most of us dream about.

We all started out in Internet Marketing, with Bright Shiny Objects syndrome 🙂
We see webinars, Podcasts’ email, etc., and follow those who are making six (6) and Seven (7) figure incomes, monthly.

Maybe, what they have or are doing will rub off on us. 99% of us get numerous e-mails many times a day from the Big Dogs, as well as those who want to be a “Big Dog”.

I have personally spent hours opening, and going to the sales Emails/Pages (and not even reading the contents of the email or the sales page). But going to the very bottom of the sales page, to see how much it costs.

I never looked to see if or what the bonus’s where. All, I wanted to know was how cheap is it?
What did it cost? One mentor equated receiving, a lot sales emails to working toward a Pending Bankruptcy”.

 You need to be the one sending out those
instead of getting them. Rule # 1 Unsubscribe from everyone
of the emails (
That  are selling you anything) coming into your email account (‘s).Do it  for seven (7)  to ten (10) days .

Oh yes, and buying products you never used. Once you implement Rule #1 you will have more time to concentrate of building your list. Plus you may even have more Money, in your bank account.

Rule # 1 Unsubscribe from everyone of the $ALES emails coming into your email account (‘s). .Do it  for (7)  to ten (10) days .

 You will be greatly surprised how many emails that will be eliminated from “EACH” account. I did this. Boy, was I surprised at how much my in box decreased, in content. I got this piece of sound advice. from Mr. Jay Kay Bak at: “Unselfish Marketer”. 

Doubt and/or Procrastination, will keep you broke.

It is, I believe, a human thing to have some degree of Doubt, fear and Procrastination. Personally, I
subscribe to the theory, that some degree of doubt is good. Especially, when it causes us to “look back”.

It is a factor of growing, in marketing, to exam what we have done, in the past, and why did we did it.
It is ok to ask ourself, What was the result? Personally, some of the ideas and decisions I have made in the past seemed like good ones. Come to find out, they were not, the best use of my time and money. Yes, I said money.

Many successful mentors, guru’s will never tell people, you may lose money. That sooner or later you are going to need to INVEST MONEY, into yourself, and the process. What you must ask yourself. Is, this the best use of money?

RULE # 2  Never use or spend money 

you cannot afford to lose.

This is, in my learned opinion, causes more people to quit, Internet Marketing, than any other factor.
Why do I share that? Because I spent the money for bills on Bright Shinning Products In other words; never spend the rent money.

I wish I could share with you that I followed advice. I did not. I was doing like almost all Internet
Marketers have done, and some still do, chasing the BRIGHT SHINNY PRODUCT.

My suggestion is. Make and list of areas (niches)
That interests you. I like to do an ole school research method. Type what you want to search, on Google. Place it in “topic” press enter. What you end up with is only (hopefully) exact and only the information, you need.
Next, Pick the top three (3). Research, Research them.
Are they trending?
How much are they trending?
I would research my top three (3) niches (that You Like). Write down how they rank, in trending and how much competition there is.
I would pick a name. for Your business. As soon as you have one you really like, Make it yours.

Domain Registrar

OK, you have your name, make it your domain name for your website, or you are considering more websites I personally have ALL of my domain names for our sites register with, Name Silo

I like and use Name Silo.com. Their regular price for .com is $8.99 to purchase a domain name for one (1) year. Renewal is at the writing of this book still $8.99 HERE a link for you: https://www.namesilo.com/register


Virtually, every site that will register a domain name will also be able and very willing to rent a place to park the domain name you just bought.

Now, a point of information. About around 2010 I bought Http://imwithwalter.com at NamesCheap.com


I business associate told me about a firm that he had several websites on. They had/have good pricing on their packages. So I bought our current hosting package from them. THCservers.com, they have excellent and fast, customer service.


You need some method of getting people on a (YOUR) list. You need a method and/or vehicle to get your message out.

My suggestion is AWEBEr. It used to be that there were other companies that offered you a free list. All well and good. But, with that free list service
you did not have good items, templates, etc., (IN MY OPINION) 

Sooner or later, your going to need an (AR) Autoresponder. I recently got an email
from Aweber. They shared they “NOW” have a Free Account. They have what I consider first class support. 

Think it goes up to about 1,000 contacts. Use my link to check it out 


Aweber Free AutoResponder

I was having a lot of trouble with taking the Aweber forms, templates, etc and putting together a newsletter. Oh wait, I had no list of names, so there was no rush to build the newsletter. 

I have learned, from mentors and friends, how to earn a comfortable living for my bride and I. It is my plan and purpose, with this site, to share some knowledge and information to help you develop a nice life style.

Some of the items, information and videos are of my own making. Some are from very knowledgeable men and women. When possible we will share items at no charge. Other times we must ask you to invest in your future. Every item, product, etc,, comes a 100% money back.
Please enjoy our new site. Should you have any questions, concern please contact me at admin@imwithwalter.com

From our home to yours. We speak Blessings

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