15 signs you have no control over your money

  1. Overspending
  • You consistently spend more than you earn
  • You frequently use credit cards to pay for expenses you can’t afford
  1. No Budget
  • You don’t have a budget
  • You don’t know where your money is going or how much you can afford to spend
  1. High Debt Balances
  • You have high credit card balances
  • You owe money on multiple loans or credit cards
  1. No Emergency Fund
  • You don’t have an emergency fund
  • You rely on credit cards or loans to cover unexpected expenses
  1. Living Paycheck to Paycheck
  • You are unable to save any money
  • You have to rely on your next paycheck to cover your expenses
  1. No Retirement Savings
  • You have no retirement savings
  • You’re not planning for your financial future
  1. Unpaid Bills
  • You have bills that you haven’t paid on time
  • You’ve had services turned off due to non-payment
  1. Minimum Payments
  • You make only the minimum payment on your debts
  • You’re paying a lot of interest and taking a long time to pay off your debts
  1. Using Payday Loans
  • You use payday loans to make ends meet
  • You can’t manage your money effectively
  1. No Financial Goals
  • You have no financial goals
  • You have no direction or plan for your money
  1. Not Tracking Expenses
  • You don’t track your expenses
  • You don’t know where your money is going
  1. Lack of Savings
  • You have little to no savings
  • You don’t have money set aside for future goals or emergencies
  1. Impulse Purchases
  • You frequently make impulse purchases
  • You buy things you don’t need or can’t afford
  1. Cluttered Environment
  • You have a lot of clutter
  • You’re spending money on things you don’t need or can’t afford
  1. Ignoring Financial Problems
  • You ignore financial problems
  • You avoid dealing with bills, debts, or other financial issues.

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